TESTED: Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale


Best product for scaling sag on your dirt bike! You do not need nobody’s help to make the Sag setup anymore! BTW, Motool Slacker will be awesome christmas gift for dirt riders!


MOTOOL - Slacker Digital Sag Scale Packet Include

  • Business Card (For any help)
  • 3 MOTOOL Stickers
  • User Guide
  • Slacker
  • Remote Display
  • Universal Clip
  • Cable

Important Tips

Overview • After mounting Slacker, take the bike off the stand and bounce it once or twice and place it back on the stand. If the reading is anything other than “0” hit the power button to reset it to “0”. This assures the unit is settled and ready.

• Always center Slacker on the axle and angle with the cable angle.

• Make sure the butt of the clamp is against the edge of the plate to avoid rotating.

• Always place the clamp in the same place.

• Always sit in the same position.

• Do not bump or jar the unit when taking bike off the stand or mounting the bike.

• Avoid hitting remote cable and clamp when mounting the bike. -These steps will assure the most accurate measurements.

Some guidelines on Sag. Always consult your owner’s manual or suspension tuners recommended sag settings.

Rear Shock Sag Settings
Big Bikes 125cc and up

Minis 85 cc to 150 cc

Race Sag (mm)

105 +/- 10

90 +/- 5

Static Sag (mm)

35 +/- 5

15 +/- 5

Fork Sag Settings

Big Bikes 125cc and up

Minis 85 cc to 150 cc

Race Sag (mm)

70 +/- 5

60 +/- 5

Static Sag (mm)

30 +/- 5

20 +/- 5

(*These numbers are approximate and will vary for different manufacturers.)

-Race Sag- With rider in full gear seated in the attack position on the bike.

-Static Sag- No rider, bike under it’s own weight, right after the rider dismounts. Race sag must be set before noting this measurement.

*If the meaurement is more than the above range values you need a softer spring. *If the measurement is less than the above range values you need a stiffer spring.

Check and buy Motool Slacker: www.motool.co

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