2015 FIM International Six Days Enduro

7 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2015

In a week time Slovakia will welcome the 90th edition of the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), as the oldest competition in the international calendar takes place in the city of Kosice on Sept. 7-12, 2015. More than 450 enduro riders from over 30 countries are expected to descend on the city that is known as the ‘Metropolis of the East’.


All the courses will cross the large area of woods with minimum of asphalted routes. Base of the courses is most often natural with rocks and soil and even in the case of rainy weather there will be no prolem with courses´passability.

For centuries now, the hills and forests of this region have provided inhabitants with a living, weather in form of mining or timber-working. The extensive coniferous forests do not serve the latter purpose alone these days, for they are also an attraction for keen hikers and active holiday-makers. The upland meadows and clearings are used for grazing sheep and cattle in the summer, and in winter they are often utilized for winter sports.
The highest peak on the route is called Kojšovská Hoľa and it lies 1.246 meters above sea level. Every day there will be 2 rounds consisting of 3 special tests with 4 times checks during each round. Together there will be prepared 7 Special Tests plus one Final Test on the 6th day. Paddock will be a part of the round.


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